Division of Carbohydrate Chemistry


Executive Committee

Immediate Past Chair
Lai-Xi Wang (until 12/31/2017), E-mail: wang518@umd.edu

Eriks Rozners (until 12/31/2017), E-mail: erozners@binghamton.edu

Peter R. Andreana (until 12/31/2017), E-mail: peter.andreana@utoledo.edu

Executive Secretary and Program Chair
Nicole Snyder (until 12/31/2017), E-mail: nisnyder@davidson.edu

Secretary and Newsletter Editor
Steven J. Sucheck (until 12/31/2017), E-mail: steve.sucheck@gmail.com

Anthony Serianni (until 12/31/2017), E-mail: anthony.s.serianni.1@nd.edu or aserianni@nd.edu

2nd member TBD

Alternate Councilor
Hien Nguyen (until 12/31/2017), E-mail: hien-nguyen@uiowa.edu

One position vacant.

Geert-Jan Boons (until 12/31/2017), E-mail: gjboons@ccrc.uga.edu

Alexei Demchenko (until 12/31/2017), E-mail: demchenkoa@umsl.edu

Linda Hsieh-Wilson (12/31/2017), E-mail: lhw@caltech.edu

David Crich (until 12/31/2018), E-mail: dcrich@chem.wayne.edu

George O'Doherty (until 12/31/2018), E-mail: G.O'Doherty@neu.edu

Wolfrom/Isbell/New Investigator Awards Committee
Jennifer Kohler (until 12/31/2017), E-mail: jennifer.kohler@utsouthwestern.edu

Todd Lowary (until 12/31/2018), E-mail: todd.lowary@ualberta.ca

David Crich (until 12/31/2019), E-mail: dcrich@chem.wayne.edu  

Peter R. Andreana, E-mail: peter.andreana@utoledo.edu

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Public Notice - 2017

The annual Tax Return and books of the U.S. Advisory Commmittee for the International Carbohydrate Symposia Inc., for 2016 are available for public inspection.  Contact Peter Andreana.  (USPS - 04/08/2017 - 0001191488).

255th National Meeting Countdown - New Orleans, LA

29th International Carbohydrate Symposium, Lisbon Portugal

256th National Meeting Countdown - Boston, MA

Latest News

Laura Kiessling is the first woman to win the Tetrahedron Prize for Creativity in Organic Chemistry, awarded annually for creativity in organic chemistry or bioorganic and medicinal chemistry.  CONGRATULATIONS LAURA!

Latest News

The CARB Division wants to congratulate winners of the following 2017 CARB Division Awards:

Melville L. Wolfrom Award - Nicola Pohl, Indiana University, USA

Horace S. Isbell Award - Hien M. Nguyen, University of Iowa, USA

David Y. Gin Young Investigator Award - Ratmir Derda, University of Alberta, Canada

Derek Horton Award - Lajos Szente, The CycloLab Ltd., Hungary

Latest News

Congratulations to Prof. Carolyn Bertozzi on recieving the 2017 ACS Arthur C. Cope Award.  For more information please see this link!

Latest News

The 2017 winner of the Hudson Award is David Crich, Schaap Professor of Organic Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry at Wayne State University, Detroit, MI.

For more information click here!

Latest News

Election Results 2017

Congratulations are in order for:

Peter Andreana has won Chair-Elect

David Crich and George O'Doherty have won Member-At-Large

David Crich has won Awards Committee

More Latest News

Check out the Division's Fall 2017 Newsletter!

Ideas for Future Carbohydrate Division Symposia

If you have ideas for future Carbohydrate Division symposia, these can be directed to Steven J. Sucheck, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Toledo, OH 43606 USA. Phone: 1-419-530-1930  Email: steve.sucheck@utoledo.edu

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