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Research Chemist/Biochemist Position - Posted 10/30/2017

Omicron Biochemicals, Inc., a carbohydrate-based biotech company, is seeking qualified applicants to fill a full-time position in synthetic carbohydrate chemistry.  Applicants with B.S., M.S. or Ph.D. degrees in chemistry or biochemistry, and prior experience in carbohydrate chemical and enzymatic synthesis, are encouraged to apply.   Competitive candidates may also have skills in website design and management, or protein expression and characterization. Salary and benefits are competitive with industry standards, and scale with experience and skill set. 

Please send a cover letter and resume, including the names and contact information of three references, to: Anthony Serianni at aseriann@nd.edu, or to:  Research Chemist Position, Omicron Biochemicals, Inc., 115 South Hill Street, South Bend, IN 46617-2701.

Please see here for announcement. 

Biology of Rare and Neglected Diseases - NIH - Posted 10/30/2017

There is an opportunity for a Postdoctoral Fellow to engage a three way collaboration between Retrophin, NCATS, and the patient advocacy foundation – NGLY1.org. The aim of the collaboration is to identify small molecule therapeutics for NGLY1 Deficiency, the first ever Congenital Disorder of De-Glycosylation, and will encompass a wide variety of both biology & chemistry related efforts throughout its duration.

Please see here for full announcement. 

Beth Aselage

Patient Advocacy & Alliance Development Specialist

Office: 760.237.4133

Email: Elizabeth.Aselage@Retrophin.com


3721 Valley Center Drive, Suite #200

San Diego, CA, 92131


Postdoctoral Fellow Position

The Gagneux Laboratory at University of California San Diego seeks a Postdoctoral Fellow to work on interactions between Influenza A viruses (IAV) and biomimetic glycan probes.

Please see the full advertisement here.

Email Dr. Pascal Gagneux (pgagneux@ucsd.edu)

Information Technology Position - Omicron Biochemicals, Inc.

Omicron Biochemicals Inc., a biotechnology company, is seeking qualified applicants to fill a part-time position to manage a web site, company database, marketing materials, and related IT functions.

Please see full advertisement here. 

Please contact: Anthony Serianni at aseriann@nd.edu, or to: IT Job Application, Omicron Biochemicals, Inc., 115 South Hill Street, South Bend, IN 46617.

Carbohydrate and Polysaccharide Chemist

A PhD position has opened up in the group of: Juniorprofessur Holztechnologie und Holzchemie“ at the Georg-August-University of Goettingen.

Please see the full advertisement here. 

All correspondance directed to:

Prof. Dr. Kai Zhang - Email: kzhang1@gwdg.de 

Chemily Glycoscience - Posted July 7, 2017

Chemily Glycoscience is a manufacturer of glycan libraries, glyco-enzymes, and carbohydrate-based biochemicals. We are currently looking to fulfill 3 positions. More information about the positions is attached here.

You can visit our website: www.chemilyglycoscience.com.

University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture Center for Renewable Carbon - Posted March 8, 2017

Position Announcement:

Professor and Director, Center for Renewable Carbon


The Center for Renewable Carbon (CRC) is an interdisciplinary research and development unit in the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture (UTIA). Its mission is to advance the potential for non-food biomass to create new economic activity for the state of Tennessee and the Nation. The CRC team advances the science needed to develop new technologies that enable the expanded use of forest and agricultural biomass for sustainable materials, chemicals, fuels, and energy; trains the workforce needed by advanced technology industries; and transfers research advances to our stakeholders and partners involved in building a sustainable bioeconomy.

The Center comprises 10 faculty tenured in various departments and more than 30 staff, students, and research associates with skills in chemistry, material (wood, polymer, etc.) science, biomass analytics and statistics. This position will be housed in the appropriate academic department at UTIA for the successful candidate’s background and expertise. A link to full Position Announcement can be found here.

PhD and Postdoctoral Positions Available - Posted February 21, 2017

Professor Alberto Fernández-Tejada has positions available in his group, see attached flyer

he is interested in hiring 

A) synthetic carbohydrate/peptide chemists

B) an immunologist (postdoc) 

C) a chemical/structural biologist with experience in proteomics.

See Flyer for further descriptions. 


Alberto Fernández-Tejada, PhD
ERC Principal Investigator
Ikerbasque Research Professor
Group Leader, Chemical Immunology Lab
CIC bioGUNE, Bizkaia Technology Park
Building 800, 48160 Derio-Bilbao, Spain

Polysaccharide Conjugation - Job Opportunity - Posted May 13, 2016

A rare opportunity in glycoconjugate vaccines in France.

Please see here for the full job posting. 

Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in the Krishnamurthy Lab - Posted May 3, 2016

Research in the Krishnamurthy  lab encompasses a broad spectrum of synthetic chemistry and methodology applied to understanding the chemistry associated with Life’s origins. This project involves the synthesis and investigation of the role of polysaccharides within the context of origins of life chemistry.

Requirements: Qualified candidates should have a PhD in organic chemistry and be well grounded in analytical techniques. The applicant should have a synthetic organic chemistry background with a strong emphasis in carbohydrate and polysaccharide chemistry, coupled with experience in analytical techniques of carbohydrates.

Interested parties should email their CV and a description of their research interests to Prof. Ram Krishnamurthy at rkrishna@scripps.edu and should have three letters of reference forwarded on their behalf.  The applicant is expected to start by July 2016.

Please also visit: http://www.scripps.edu/krishnamurthy/

Also visit the following for more detailed job description on TSRI website: http://hr.scripps.edu/jobs/postdoc_positions/chemistry

Research Chemist Position Available - Omicron Biochemicals Inc. - South Bend, IN - September 18, 2016

Two Research Chemist positions are available immediately at Omicron Biochemicals, Inc. in South Bend, Indiana, to work on a NIH-funded research project. These appointments are initially for one year and will be renewed for another year or longer period depending on work performance. The primary job responsibilities for these positions include chemical and enzymic syntheses of oligosaccharides, specifically high-mannose N-glycans and their derivatives, and oligosaccharide purification and analysis by HPLC, CE, MS, NMR and other methods. The successful candidates must have a PhD in synthetic organic chemistry and hands-on experience in carbohydrate synthesis. Experience with enzymic synthesis and CE analysis is desirable. For more information, contact Dr. Qingfeng Pan at qpan@omicronbio.com.  

To apply, please send a resume with earliest date of availability to Omicron Biochemicals, Inc., 115 South Hill St., South Bend, IN 46617, or to Dr. Qingfeng Pan at qpan@omicronbio.com.

Post-Doc or PhD Position in Structural Glycobiology

Targeting mammalian lectin receptors

The “Structural Glycobiology” group at the Max-Planck-Institute of Colloids and Interfaces in Potsdam is looking for a motivated and ambitious candidate for a postdoc or PhD position with a background in either Biochemistry, Chemical or Structural Biology, Molecular or Cellular Immunology or related subjects.

Mission: Many mammalian carbohydrate-binding proteins (lectins) are expressed on defined sets of cells and are involved in various aspects of cell biology and physiology. Hence, these proteins resemble interesting targets for the development of specific molecular probes to study their function. Ligands for these lectins are developed in the Rademacher lab using rational design and screening methods. The candidate will advance and apply these probe molecules in biochemical and cell-based experiments. These in vitro studies will answer important questions in the fields of glycobiology and immunology.

What is expected?

        • The candidate is expected to be a motivated team worker who fits into a multinational and multidisciplinary research environment.

        • Confidence in spoken and written English is a requirement.

        • A strong background in cell biology, structural biology or immunology is a prerequisite.

        • A suitable candidate has basic understanding for protein-ligand interactions and glycobiology.

We offer:

The “Structural Glycobiology” group is an independent research group, funded by the Emmy Noether Programme of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG). The group is embedded in the Department of Biomolecular Systems led by Prof. Dr. Peter H. Seeberger. The department is a well-equipped research facility providing stimulating grounds for scientific progress in an international, multidisciplinary research environment. A comprehensive repertoire of instruments (NMR, SPR, FACS, FLPC, confocal microscopy, etc.) stands alongside with high-profile collaborators in a fruitful research spectrum covering synthetic organic chemistry, biochemistry, glycobiology, nanotechnology, immunology and biophysics.

The Max Planck Society is an equal opportunity employer: Handicapped individuals are strongly encouraged to apply, and so are women in areas in which they are underrepresented.


Please submit your electronic application to Dr. Christoph Rademacher (Christoph.Rademacher@mpikg.mpg.de) comprising a curriculum vitae (including scientific publications, posters and talks), your high school, BSc and MSc certificates/transcripts. Also provide at least one scientific reference plus a short summary of the PhD/MSc thesis work. Application not fulfilling these requirements will not be considered. Please send your application until 31.10.2015. The position is available from end 2015/ beginning 2016.

Please also visit: http://www.mpikg.mpg.de/StructuralGlycobiology 

Courtesy of the Society for Glycobiology

Chris West, Secretary

PhD Announcement for an Immuno-Glycobiological Project within the EU M.Curie Consortium "Immunoshape" - Posted February 23rd, 2016

The Momburg and Schwartz labs at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), Dept. Translational Immunology  in Heidelberg, Germany, are seeking a motivated PhD student for an immuno-glycobiological project within the EU M.Curie consortium "Immunoshape"  (http://immunoshape.eu/).

We are currently developing new tumor-immunological strategies based on the combination of specific carbohydrate-lectin interactions and antibody recognition to pilot armed lymphocytes to vascular endothelium in close vicinity to human tumors with the final goal to specifically destroy the tumor.

We are closely working together with other groups of our EU-consortium which are specialized in oligosaccharide synthesis. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to learn modern immunological methods as well as to obtain insight into various techniques of up to date oligo-and polysaccharide synthesis and analysis. The Marie-Curie Innovative Training Network requires  intensive exchange between the laboratories of the consortium, therefore excellent communication skills are highly desirable. For more information or to apply for this position, please send a cover letter describing your scientific background, interests, and qualifications, a curriculum vitae, and names/contact information  of three professional references to: r.s-albiez@dkfz.de

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Public Notice - 2017

The annual Tax Return and books of the U.S. Advisory Commmittee for the International Carbohydrate Symposia Inc., for 2016 are available for public inspection.  Contact Peter Andreana.  (USPS - 04/08/2017 - 0001191488).

255th National Meeting Countdown - New Orleans, LA

29th International Carbohydrate Symposium, Lisbon Portugal

256th National Meeting Countdown - Boston, MA

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Laura Kiessling is the first woman to win the Tetrahedron Prize for Creativity in Organic Chemistry, awarded annually for creativity in organic chemistry or bioorganic and medicinal chemistry.  CONGRATULATIONS LAURA!

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The CARB Division wants to congratulate winners of the following 2017 CARB Division Awards:

Melville L. Wolfrom Award - Nicola Pohl, Indiana University, USA

Horace S. Isbell Award - Hien M. Nguyen, University of Iowa, USA

David Y. Gin Young Investigator Award - Ratmir Derda, University of Alberta, Canada

Derek Horton Award - Lajos Szente, The CycloLab Ltd., Hungary

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Congratulations to Prof. Carolyn Bertozzi on recieving the 2017 ACS Arthur C. Cope Award.  For more information please see this link!

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The 2017 winner of the Hudson Award is David Crich, Schaap Professor of Organic Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry at Wayne State University, Detroit, MI.

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Election Results 2017

Congratulations are in order for:

Peter Andreana has won Chair-Elect

David Crich and George O'Doherty have won Member-At-Large

David Crich has won Awards Committee

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Ideas for Future Carbohydrate Division Symposia

If you have ideas for future Carbohydrate Division symposia, these can be directed to Steven J. Sucheck, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Toledo, OH 43606 USA. Phone: 1-419-530-1930  Email: steve.sucheck@utoledo.edu

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