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25th Symposium on Glycosaminoglycans

The 25th Symposium on Glycosaminoglycans will be held on September 14-16th 2017.

Please see the attachment for more information regarding the program.  Note that the symposium is by invitation only and at present, 4-5 participants can still be admitted.  If someone would like to participate, please contact the meeting scientific secretary, Ms. Antonella Bisio, whos information is contained in the attached program.

29th International Carbohydrate Symposium 

The 29th International Carbohydrate Symposium will be held in Lisbon, Portugal.  The Symposium will take place in July from the 15th to the 19th, 2018.  Stay tuned for more information!

13th Annual Midwest Carbohydrate and Glycobiology Symposium (MCGS)


Dr. Weiping Tang would like to announce that the 13th annual Midwest Carbohydrate and Glycobiology Symposium (MCGS) will be held at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, September 22-23 (Friday evening and Saturday), 2017.  The deadline for abstract submission is August 25th (Friday), 2017.  The deadline for registration is September 8th (Friday), 2017.

In the past 12 years, about 100 people including students, postdocs, and PIs from the mid-west and other areas have attended the conference annually.  As a priority, half of the talks are given by students and postdocs.  There are multiple awards given to students and postdocs who deliver the best oral presentations and posters.  This year, the tradition will continue at UW-Madison!

Click here for the flyer.  Please feel free to distribute it.  More information on the history of this conference, registration, and abstract submission can be found at the following website (https://pharmacy.wisc.edu/mcgs17/).  You can also download the abstract submission template there.  Please forward this email to your colleagues and encourage your students and postdocs to attend!

Prof. Jiaoyang Jiang and Prof. Lingjun Li, will co-organize this conference.  Please let us know if you have any questions.  We look forward to seeing you in Madison for another successful symposium.


Weiping Tang, PhD

12th Annual Midwest Carbohydrate and Glycobiology Symposium (MCGS)

The 12th MCGS will be held at Central Michigan University, October 14th-15th, 2016, organized by Ben Swarts.  The goal of the symposium is to bring together researchers interested in carbohydrate chemistry, biology, and biomedical applications. This is an excellent opportunity for regional investigators working in the glycosciences to share new advances and ideas and for students to learn the latest scientific developments, hone their presentation skills, and develop a sense of community.

The symposium will be a two day event. The first evening (Friday) will consist of a poster setup/session and an evening symposium. Saturday will be a full day symposium with breaks for poster viewing and judging. The oral talks will be selected from the abstracts and given by students and postdocs. Several keynote lectures are also planned. There will be multiple awards to students and postdocs giving the best oral presentation and posters. Several student travel awards to offset travel and lodging costs are available.

Sialoglyco 2016

Venue: The Fess Parker Doubletree Resort 
Santa Barbara, California (USA)

It is with great pleasure that we invite scientists from around the world to participate in Sialoglyco 2016, the biennial international conference on sialic acid-related research to be held in a dramatic mission-style resort that sits on 24 beautiful beachfront acres in Santa Barbara California. We believe that the location is the perfect setting for networking, stimulating scientific discussions, new and novel ideas for collaborations, and social interaction. We look forward to welcoming you to Santa Barbara California in November. 

Jamey D. Marth, University of California Santa Barbara 
James C. Paulson, The Scripps Research Institute

2016 International Carbohydrate Symposium, July 17-22, 2016

Society for Glycobiology 2015 Annual Meeting - December 1-4, San Francisco, CA

To researchers who have interest in Glycobiology/Glycoscience:

Please consider attending our annual meeting in wonderful San Francisco! The program is now available at glycobiology.org, along with registration information, and will include several speakers whose research has recently intersected with our field. 

We are accepting late-breaking abstracts through September 30.  Please inform your students and postdocs! 

If anyone is submitting an abstract as a young investigator and wishes to be considered for an award, please also send it in an email to societyforglycobiology@gmail.com.  Winners will be selected from all abstracts received by Oct. 9. 

Thanks very much for this consideration and see you in San Francisco! 

Michael Pierce

SFG President 2015.

The 9th Georgia Glycoscience Symposium - April 28th, 2015

Glycoscience at the Interface of Chemistry and Biology

April 28th 2015, Athens, GA  


The goal of the 9th CCRC Glycoscience Symposium is to highlight the highly multidisciplinary nature of glycoscience and the importance of combining chemical and biological methodologies to integrate the biological and biomedical functions of glycoconjugates. The Symposium will also cover the development of enabling technologies for glycoscience. The complex heterogeneity of glycoconjugate modifications present challenges in characterization of protein-carbohydrate interactions and details of their biological functions. The Symposium presentations will discuss numerous examples of the contributions of glycoconjugates in animal physiology and pathology as well as emerging technologies to study the details of glycan recognition and function.

Confirmed speakers so far:  

Richard Cummings, Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta

Peter Seeberger, Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, Germany 

Fikri Y. Avci, University of Georgia, Athens

Jeffery W. Kelly Scripps Research Institute, San Diego  

Jennifer Kohler, University of Texas, Dallas

Jeffrey D. Esko, University of California, San Diego 

Ralph D. Sanderson, University of Alabama-Birmingham

Stephen Withers, University of British Columbia

Linda Baum, University of California-Los Angeles

In addition to the oral presentations, there will be a poster session and tables available for our sponsors to display their corresponding literature and information.   

For further information, contact:

Parastoo Azadi


2015 Gordon Research Conference on Carbohydrates

Please see the announcement for this year's GRC on Carbs.  The meeting takes place this coming June 14th through the 19th at Mount Snow Resort in West Dover, Vermont.

Alexei Demchenko - Chair

Jeff Gildersleeve - Chair

Lai-Xi Wang - Vice-Chair 

Announcement - www

Flyer - .pdf 

Glyco XXIII - 23rd Congress of the International Glycoconjugate Organization

Abstract submission deadline for Glyco XXIII - 23rd Congress of the International Glycoconjugate Organisation is less than two months away (March 31st) and we have posted the preliminary scientific program on the conference web site (www.glyco23.org). I hope that you will share my opinion that we are looking forward to a very comprehensive and exciting meeting. This will clearly be the largest event in the field of glycoscience in 2015 and I hope you will be able to join us and make this conference even better.

The meeting will take place in the beautiful LavLeMeridien hotel in Split, Croatia from September 15th - 20th, 2015. Space for the conference is limited, and to ensure the high quality of the meeting, we will have to limit the number of participants to 650. Thus please register early to avoid disappointment if the conference gets overbooked.

Gordan Lauc

President of Glyco XXIII

President Elect of the International Glycoconjugate Organisation

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Public Notice - 2017

The annual Tax Return and books of the U.S. Advisory Commmittee for the International Carbohydrate Symposia Inc., for 2016 are available for public inspection.  Contact Peter Andreana.  (USPS - 04/08/2017 - 0001191488).

255th National Meeting Countdown - New Orleans, LA

29th International Carbohydrate Symposium, Lisbon Portugal

256th National Meeting Countdown - Boston, MA

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Laura Kiessling is the first woman to win the Tetrahedron Prize for Creativity in Organic Chemistry, awarded annually for creativity in organic chemistry or bioorganic and medicinal chemistry.  CONGRATULATIONS LAURA!

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The CARB Division wants to congratulate winners of the following 2017 CARB Division Awards:

Melville L. Wolfrom Award - Nicola Pohl, Indiana University, USA

Horace S. Isbell Award - Hien M. Nguyen, University of Iowa, USA

David Y. Gin Young Investigator Award - Ratmir Derda, University of Alberta, Canada

Derek Horton Award - Lajos Szente, The CycloLab Ltd., Hungary

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Congratulations to Prof. Carolyn Bertozzi on recieving the 2017 ACS Arthur C. Cope Award.  For more information please see this link!

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The 2017 winner of the Hudson Award is David Crich, Schaap Professor of Organic Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry at Wayne State University, Detroit, MI.

For more information click here!

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Election Results 2017

Congratulations are in order for:

Peter Andreana has won Chair-Elect

David Crich and George O'Doherty have won Member-At-Large

David Crich has won Awards Committee

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Ideas for Future Carbohydrate Division Symposia

If you have ideas for future Carbohydrate Division symposia, these can be directed to Steven J. Sucheck, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Toledo, OH 43606 USA. Phone: 1-419-530-1930  Email: steve.sucheck@utoledo.edu

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