Division of Carbohydrate Chemistry


12th Georgia Glycoscience Symposium - Glyco-ToolBox

The Organizing Committee cordially invites you to participate in the 12th Georgia Glycoscience Symposium to be held on April 23, 2018 (GGS 2018) at the Georgia State University. Contributions are expected in a diversity of “Glyco-ToolBox” topics.

The scientific sessions of this symposium cover Synthetic, Analytic and Genetic tools in Glycobiology and Glycochemistry. The Symposium will present a unique opportunity for scientists involved in research, clinical and applied disciplines related to glycoscience to meet and network. We have invited many renowned scholars across the Southeastern Region to speak at this event. There also will be poster sessions where participants can all learn and discuss interesting ideas in glycobiology and glycochemistry.

We wish all participants a fruitful meeting at Georgia State University campus and we ask you t to stay engaged, keep us proactive, and help us shape the culture of GGS. 


2nd New England Glycoscience Meeting - 2018

The 2nd annual meeting of the New England Glyco-Chemistry Meeting (NEGCM) will take place at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts on Saturday June 9, 2018 organized by Amit Basu, Isaac Kraus, Pei Shi, Clay Bennett, and George O’Doherty. The New England Glyco-Chemistry Meeting is a non-profit, educational organization with the mission to bring together like-minded carbohydrate chemists and biologists to the Boston area to discuss their latest research results. Boston and the greater New England area is a hub for biomedical related research and in particular, carbohydrate research. The goal for the New England Glyco-Chemistry Meeting is to bring researchers interested in the broadly defined area of carbohydrate chemistry and biology from Boston and around the world together for one day to discuss the latest developments in carbohydrate research and its larger applications in biology and materials science.

29th International Carbohydrate Symposium 

The 29th International Carbohydrate Symposium will be held in Lisbon, Portugal.  The Symposium will take place in July from the 15th to the 19th, 2018.  Stay tuned for more information!